If you ask people who have ever sold stuff on their own, they would probably tell you how complex and time-consuming this process is. Especially when you’re going through a financial crisis and you’re hard up for cash, selling something of value (e.g. your used car) can help you get through with it but doing it on your own has many limitations. First, we elaborate on the process of selling your car privately and then we discuss some of its disadvantages.

Process of Selling Your Car Privately

Imagine you’ve decided to sell your car yourself. There’s a bunch of things needed to be done. Besides preparing specific documents for your car, you’d better give it a curb appeal. You want your car to attract as many buyers as possible so you may have to remove some scratches from your car or have it repaired completely. Also having your car washed and doing your best to make it look cooler than usual can increase the number of potential buyers. 

Then you should take some photos of your car from different angles so that people can see every part of it including the seats, the odometer, the trunk, etc. Then you have to upload a post including those pictures along with necessary information on various websites. 

Now it’s time to wait for people to see your post. If you do all the above things correctly, after a while, your inbox will be full of messages. After getting in touch with all of them and selecting the best ones, you have to arrange a meeting with each person so that they can drive the car and see how well it works. 

But that’s not the whole story! The main part remains. You should negotiate the price. Most of the time, you do all the things mentioned but in the end, you cannot agree on a price. So you often do all the above for nothing! On the other hand, you need to handle the paperwork in case of agreeing with the buyer.

Aside from the cost and difficulty, just consider how much time this process takes! 

Disadvantages of Selling Your Car Privately

Now, we go into further detail about the reasons why people don’t tend to sell their cars on their own. Some of the disadvantages are as follows:

  • Costly: nobody likes to buy a car full of dents and scratches. So the more you spend on your car, the more likely your car will be sold. But most of the time the market value of the car is not worth the money spent on it. So if you have financial problems and need the money right away, selling your car on your own is not a reasonable way.
  • Time-consuming: if you want to sell your car on your own, you’d better follow the step-by-step process described earlier. But it’s clear that advertising for your car, communicating with potential buyers, arranging several meetings with every one of them, and handling all the paperwork take a lot of your time. For people who have a lot on their plate and just want to get rid of their car, a car buying company is the best option.
  • Negotiation skills needed: as we said earlier, you should negotiate the price with every potential buyer. That’s a tough thing to do because it needs bargaining skills. As a seller, obviously, you don’t want to have your car sold for a cheap price. But of course, if your price is too high, nobody will buy it from you and it will stay in your garage forever. So not having enough information about the market value of your car and how much to offer is a very serious problem and might lead to deal cancellation. 
  • High chance of scamming: the websites where you can put your car for sale, do not guarantee security. Since you need to deal with strangers when selling your car on your own, there’s a good chance of being defrauded. This is of great importance because in this case there’s a huge amount of money going to be dealt with. Although these websites recommend you follow some safety rules, avoiding scams is impossible. Selling your car yourself is completely at your own risk and in case of a scam, no websites take responsibility for it. So selling on your own is pretty risky and you can’t stop worrying about it until the moment of payment. 

So that’s where car buying companies come in handy! These companies help you get rid of your car as soon as possible. All you need to do is fill out an online form and they will offer you a reasonable price according to the market value of your car and that’s it! Your car is sold.

Why People Entrust the Process to a Car Buying Company?

Now, let’s review the reasons why most people choose to entrust the process of selling their cars to a car buying company:

  • Straightforward and undemanding: by using a car buying company, you no longer need to spend time advertising on various websites or handling the documentation. Instead, you only deal with the agent and leave the process in his hands. As mentioned earlier, doing the paperwork, marketing your car, getting in touch with potential buyers, showing them the car, and negotiating the price with each of them would take a lot of time. A professional car buying company saves your time and makes this process straightforward. Let us do this for you! 
  • High Security: despite the websites used to sell cars privately, car buying companies are reliable and there’s no need to worry. Because you’re dealing with the official agents of the company and there’s certainly no risk involved. Moreover, you don’t have to follow any safety rules or worry about the payment. Some companies even pay cash the moment you deliver the car. So there’s no need for concern.
  • Time-saving: we all know that nothing is more valuable than time. As you know, we live in a world where technology has affected everything even our character. We have become less patient and want our tasks to be taken care of as quickly as possible. By filling out a form on our website, you’ll be able to sell your car within a couple of days.
  • Free cash quote: a few days after filling out an online form on the website, car buying companies will provide you with an estimation of your car value according to the market condition. They offer this service for free and this is an important advantage.
  • Same day cash: another considerable advantage of car buying companies is the fact that they pay you the cash on the same day you deliver the car. This is very helpful for people who are in a bad financial situation. 


Thanks to car buying companies, selling one’s car have become more than easy. They are direct buyers offering a convenient hassle-free service with no middlemen involved. Although the value estimation offered by these companies may be a little lower than what normal buyers would suggest, they purchase your vehicle quickly and you will receive the cash right away. Moreover, not only these companies save you money but also they provide high-security service.